The Magician

The first Book in the Tales From The Deck Series

A Tarot card reading propels a disheartened musician, Michael, into a vortex of arcane magic, esoterism and prophecies.  Perplexed but intrigued by the mysterious Shiloh’s predictions, Michael abandons all reservation and follows Shiloh into the realms of her mysterious world.  As Michael learns to embrace the powerful energies of the Magician, he plunges into the depth of his own mystery to become the architect of his destiny. 

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My Dear Reader

Your heart is strong and free, so follow its song wherever it leads you.  Do not fear walking alone on this path for you are your greatest company.

The Magician, my first novel was inspired by the wisdom I have gathered over the years as I learned to dance with the energies of the Tarot. Together, we have leapt into passionate flamencos, sometimes slow burning tangos. But no matter the tempo or the dance, I have always felt inspired, humbled and filled with wonderment at the scope of this divine system. In its language, I have found a powerful ally for self-discovery. And, as I have navigated through tough times, like many of us have. When I needed to hold my heart and my head together to weather my storm, the Tarot has always guided me safely across the tumultuous waters of my life. It is a magical system after all, a system holding an ancient wisdom that transcends our blossoming understanding of consciousness. 

At a time when the unequivocal rising of an enlightened consciousness is being manifested all around the world, in spite of the growing chaos, the Magician reminds each one of us that within ourselves, the power is alive.  

Magic is all around you.



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Reader Responses…

I can’t put this book down and I love it! What an incredible read this far! To have had a tarot reading done by the author herself I can seriously connect with every sentence. I can’t wait to see her again and let her know just how gifted and life changing she is! Grab your copy today or follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you so much for my signed book!


Loved this book! Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Shiloh captures your imagination as she chronicles the story of Michael’s personal journey to healing, self-discovery, and evolution, while interweaving a fascinating account of her own childhood initiation and training in the mystical, magical, and ever-present essentials of life. So glad this is the first in a series of books – can’t wait for the next installment!


 I love this book! The author’s use of words to describe people and the surroundings made me believe I was there in person watching each scene unfold. The story takes you to a place of love, commitment, personal growth, and ultimately great passion! I can hardly wait for her next book!!!