The Magician: Book Forward

My dear reader, your heart is strong and free, so follow its song wherever it leads you. Do not fear walking alone on this path for you are your greatest company. Within the temple of your heart, hidden from your conscious thoughts, lies dormant an ancient knowledge. With a desire you can unlock its power and cast out all negativities. Awaken the Magician within and watch the static surrounding you dissipate. Then, listen to the small voice guiding your steps, it is there, where it has always been, waiting for you. Believe and let your ‘Diamond Soul’ shine, incredible blessings are about to unfold.

There is a special place in my heart for my family of light. To all of you Tarot readers, healers, channelers, psychics, shamans, alchemists, and visionaries. To all of you, seekers and initiates, my eternal love for your continued efforts. Your ‘Diamond Souls’ nurture the vibration of the sacred light of our ancestral consciousness. Together, we are witnessing the blinding manifestation of a universal awakening.

I dedicate my work to my beloved mentor, Jeanne.


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